Frequently asked questions




How much do cleanings typically cost?


Each estimate is based on your particular home. Several things are taken into account. Square footage, pets, clutter, etc are all things that help make up your personal estimate. We go out to your home (which usually takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes, then send you an estimate via email.


Do I need to provide any supplies/equiptment?


Nope! We provide all supplies and equipment! The only thing you need to provide are large trash bags (we cover small ones), and any specialty cleaning products you would like us to use!


Are you a "green" company?


We use a combination of bio friendly products and standard cleaning products based on client feedback and research on what works best! 


Can I have the same cleaner(s) each time?


We can try our best to send the same cleaner(s) each time, but we are a company and things like vacations, call outs, emergencies, etc happen. In those instances, we will have to send another scheduled cleaner. 


Should I tip? How much should I tip?


Tipping is completely up to you!  I can tell you that most clients do usually tip on large cleanings (deep cleanings and move out cleanings). How much should you tip? I can tell you now that all of our cleaners greatly appreciate any and all tips, but the going rate is usually anywhere from 10 - 15%.